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Top 3 EZ Lip Installation Tips

Posted on: Dec. 15, 2017
This month’s post serves as a guide for those seeking the best results and longest life for their EZ Lip. These three tips will make the biggest difference in how strong the EZ Lip adheres to your vehicle. Follow these tips next time you install one of our EZ Lip products!     The EZ...

Everything You Need To Know About Buying Your First EZ Lip

Posted on: Jul. 28, 2017
Looking to buy your first EZ Lip? We’ve got you covered in this comprehensive guide.   If you just learned about EZ Lip or are in the process of deciding whether or not to get one we’ve put together a guide to help you make the best decision. We know that shopping around for new […]...

How Strong is EZ Lip?

Posted on: May. 30, 2017
How Strong is EZ Lip? For this month’s blog post we’re going to answer a question we know many of you have been asking before buying your first EZ Lip. Just how strong is it? After this blog post, you’ll have the definitive answer. Now we’ll start off by mentioning that the EZ Lip is [&helli...

How To Make Any Old Car Look Cool

Posted on: Jan. 26, 2017
An EZ Lip Featured Video Series Winter months got you down because you can’t take your car out on the snow and salt covered streets? Well for this blog post we’re going to talk about how you can modify any ride to look cool all year ‘round. How you might ask? We’re going to take […]...

Have some questions? The EZ Lip FAQ Guide

Posted on: Apr. 20, 2016
We’re sure you probably have a thousand questions and thoughts running through your mind before you consider purchasing anything. Well maybe not a thousand when you go to purchase milk at the store but you understand what we mean. In the car world deciding which vehicle products to purchase is a h...

The Comprehensive EZ Lip Comparison Guide

Posted on: Feb. 12, 2016
Sick of always scraping your bumper? …. Well so were we.   If you’ve ever wanted to lower your car in order to change its looks but aren’t sure if you want to commit to modifying your suspension, you’ve come to the right place. The EZ Lip is designed to give your car that lowered look [&he...

You’ll Need a Hammer and a Screwdriver…

Posted on: Jan. 28, 2016
…Just kidding, put those back.   Welcome back to our second blog post! Wherever you are around the world, whether it’s in North America or South East Asia there’s one thing that you, our team, and every other reader of this blog have in common… our passion for vehicles. Let’s face...
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